Support financially ...

There are whole communities where, for various reasons, the children simply don't have access to some of the "basics" in life like a decent physical home, enough food to eat, a safe place to play and learn, someone who takes an interest in their schooling or the development of their character.

In trying to meet many of these needs in our community, the Ubomi Obutsha Centre incurs significant costs that the community cannot cover and we rely on like-minded people and groups, as partners, to support our efforts financially.

Of our full R 2 844 701 "dream" budget for the 2017/18 financial year:

  • 12,6% is allocated to capital costs to develop our infrastructure and available equipment.

  • 67.9% is allocated to operational costs which include all activities with a direct impact on the children and their families.

  • 18,4% is allocated to sustainability costs which enable all activities, programmes and the building to continue operating.

  • 1,1% is allocated to community and full-time volunteer gifts at the end of the year.

This is a "dream" budget of all that we would like to accomplish in the year with different areas having different priorities and depending on the availability of funds.  Although we have never reached our full budget, we are grateful that it is about 40% covered for this year so far (May 2017) and we appeal for your financial support to help cover the remaining 60%.

A detailed copy of our budget is available on request.

Funds can either be deposited into our bank account (details below) or transferred via Zapper (QR code below).

Receipts and/or reports will be provided on request.

Banking Details

Name:   Ubomi Obutsha Centre

Bank:   First National Bank

Cheque Acc:   62129245355

Branch:   Newton Park

Branch Code:   261050