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Material giving ...

We are able to put all of your unused clothing, furniture, soft furnishing, appliances, etc to good use in the homes of those who may genuinely need them.

Being able to give a poor child a set of decent clothing or a family a new couch really does reinforce the the "soft" work that we do of developing values, character and life skills.  A new set of curtains, a new bed or a new pair of school shoes also does wonders for a person's sense of dignity!

We can efficiently and responsibly place almost any material donation with a child or family who not only need it, but with whom we are prepared to walk the 'long walk' often needed to ensure that a hand-out mentality doesn't take root and that donations are not taken for granted and abused.

Material donations will always be placed where we see the need, where we feel that they won't be squandered and where we know that they will add long-term value to a situation.

For collection of material donations, Mark or Sam can be contacted on their details below . . .


Please bear in mind though that it does cost money to collect and distribute these kinds of donations, so an accompanying financial donation, even if just to cover the cost of the fuel used for the collection, will be much appreciated!

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