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Our areas of need ...

When trying to cover as many of the shortcomings in a poor community like ours, the needs are many.  If you were to ask us, "Do you need this or that?", our answer will probably be, "YES!"

Below we mention just a few of the general areas where our project needs support ...


We are grateful for the building we have but need to continually maintain and upgrade it to better serve our community.  There are currently a few projects in the works for which we still need support:

  • Soup Kitchen - Our kitchen prepares thousands of meals every year and is in the process of getting an "upgrade" - more space, tiles, decent counters, air extraction, etc.  We are almost done but still need some extra funding to finish it off.

  • Storeroom - Once the kitchen upgrade is completed, we will be moving our current storeroom into the old kitchen area to make room for . . .

  • Office/Counselling Room and a Volunteer Workroom - We often deal with sensitive situations where one-on-one counselling needs to happen, and then have to clear out a general area to do this.  Volunteers also spend a lot of time preparing for activities or working on projects and a dedicated space for this will be very valuable.  We have the space but just need the funds to alter and furnish these two rooms to meet their function.

  • Reading Room - We have a "library" that is used for meetings, workshops, doing homework and, more recently, a junior Reading Club.  We would like to develop this room into a space where literacy can be effectively promoted among the younger children who use it.

There are other projects (paving, food garden tunnels, general painting, security improvements, etc) but the four mentioned above are our focus for now.  Funds donated to help us make any of them happen would be much appreciated!


These include all activities that have a direct impact on the children and their families.  Need areas under this category include things like:

  • School uniforms

  • Toiletries

  • Food

  • Programme materials

  • Tutor and activity leader honorariums

  • Community Childcare Worker stipends

  • Gas for cooking

  • Leadership camps

  • Incentive prizes

  • Educational toys

  • Fuel & vehicle maintenance

  • Household items - furniture, soft furnishings, appliances, building material.

  • etc, etc, etc . . .


These enable all activities, programmes and the building to continue operating and include:

  • Core staff support

  • Admin materials and costs

  • Communications

  • Municipal services costs (Electricity, water, etc)

  • Insurance costs

  • Transport

  • General maintenance

All and any donations of goods or funds towards meeting these needs will be greatly appreciated . . . and receipted!

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