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People volunteer for different reasons . . . Some because they want to experience the world in a different way, some because it is a part of their education, and some because they simply wish to do something themselves to make the world a better place!

We have had volunteers aged from 9 to 94 years old give of their time with us and everyone from students to airline pilots, truck drivers to housewives, retirees to scholars and teachers to those "in between things" work with us over the years and it is this incredible mix of people that makes the Ubomi Obutsha Centre such a dynamic place!

Some volunteers are able to spend a lot of time working with us, some come in once a week (or when they can) to help with something specific and others come for a set period of time (from weeks to months) as part of their "gap year", internship studies, or as part of their annual holiday.

Community members, locals, and foreigners are all welcome to join the team when and as they are able to.


The work of each volunteer builds on the work of those who came before and will be built on by those who come after.  This is one of the key ways that we are able to sustain and grow our work.



2016 - Q1 (237)

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