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Stepping Forward

V i s i o n   2 0 2 3

- Intent -


Between 2020 and 2023, the Ubomi Obutsha Centre is Embarking on a process to develop the following:

  1. A more proactive, coordinated and cohesive Board level support structure to manage governance and resource development

  2. A professionalised Programme Management Team to improve the capacity for the effective implementation of the project programmes

- First Steps -


A more capable and individually specialised management layer needs to be developed between governance and community implementation.


This involves unbundling and adequately staffing key managerial functions including:

  • Daily Operations Management

  • Intervention Programmes Coordination

  • Community Engagement

  • Administration and Financial Management


This process has already begun and is envisaged to take between 12 and 18 months to complete.  Thereafter, the next phase will begin - that of further equipping of our ‘High Risk’ intervention programmes with additional professional skills.

- Improved Oversight -


Development of a broadly equipped local Resource Support Team is critical for support, accountability, and long term development of the work of the Ubomi Obutsha Centre.


This team will consist of executive and non-executive members who will help to build better support structures, provide advisory oversight, and executive members will provide  Board functions with legal representation for all business activity, including PBO tax-exempt status.

- Moving On -


Once the managerial positions have been filled and an effective Support Team and Board has been formed, the focus will turn to acquire professional skills to add value to our intervention programmes.

This professional recruitment will include sourcing the services (in different capacities) of a dedicated social worker, youth pastor/worker, a remedial therapist.


Health professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, occupational therapists, dentists, optometrists, etc, will be approached to donate hours to the project.

- Recruitment -


The skills required for the initial ‘professional management layer’ should be sourced locally.


In order to attract and retain committed and effective management staff, relevant employment packages need to be offered.


Remuneration needs to be comparable to the local professional environment, and funds need to be raised to support these positions.

- Funding -


The professional skills needed to move forward with this vision require additional support funding, while daily operations require additional stability funding.


Current funding varies and is mostly limited to small and medium amounts.  These have helped to ‘keep the doors open’ and cope with the big shocks from the inevitable loss of funds due to the occasional change in focus of larger donors


Our current funding makeup includes:

  • Individuals who contribute personally towards daily sustainability.

  • Churches which contribute towards daily sustainability and specific programme objectives

  • Local Business which contribute towards daily sustainability and occasional specific needs.

  • Donor Groups which contribute towards daily sustainability and specific programme objectives.


Our aspiration, over the next 12 to 18 months is twofold:

  1. To raise the funding needed to secure specialised professional management cost.

  2. To secure additional sustainability funding for up to 24 months.

This will be done through four strategic efforts:

  1. Initial funding by Dutch supporters Stichting Ubomi Obutsha Nederlands and their European fundraising partners.  (this is already underway)

  2. Short-term Local Stability Fund to be raised by the UOC Support Team, through personal sponsorships from South Africans who are willing to commit to fixed monthly contributions over a 12-18 month period.  This will provide for day-to-day financial stability as planned changes are implemented.

  3. Short to medium term "Expat Fund" through encouraging South Africans living abroad to “give back to where they’re from”.  This will help provide a broad foundation from which to raise larger-scale funding focused on the material costs of specific programmes and interventions.

  4. Long-term development of specific programmes and intervention funding proposals compiled and submitted to potential large donors with the aim of adding value to the UOC’s activities.  These will not be depended on for day-to-day operations.


- Expected Outcomes -


With the implementation of this strategic vision, by 2023, the Ubomi Obutsha Centre will take another step forward, transforming into an impactful professionalised body that is still able to retain its community and “personal touch” qualities.


Outcomes will include:

  1. High-risk intervention service areas and levels will be more focussed and outcomes more effective

  2. More children and families will be able to break free from the poverty of their current circumstances

  3. A personal connection will be maintained between those assisting and those being assisted

  4. The long-term sustainability of the project will be better secured through a more diverse support base and professionally focussed implementation model

- Your Support Is Needed -


South Africa is fraught with formidable problems. Many of these are greater and more complex than the average person feels able to do something about.


The Ubomi Obutsha Centre is an opportunity to allow ‘ordinary people’ to assist ‘ordinary people’; a chance to show how shared concern for our common future can lead to the realisation of a shared dream - a world we can all meaningfully contribute to, and benefit from!


The Ubomi Obutsha Centre already has many admirers … what it needs is more supporters!

Strategic Restructure - Vision 2023 - A4
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